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Your Role

Documentary film makers often have to accept their limits as far as trying to effect lasting change in a world where news and priorities change based on daily media exposure and cycles. For any related campaign to be effective would need involvement of an NGO with the relevant capacity and experience to carry the message further. Approaches have been made to relevant parties but we would welcome any indication of interest or any reader of this webpage with suggestions for such a partnership. We would be happy to contribute a wide range of imagery, documents  and research findings and agree to follow up on any claims as part of a third party independent audit.

What YOU CAN do


Avoid visiting petting operations and shows featuring tigers or any other performing wild animal.

Do not encourage any setting with captive wild animal.  Wild animals belong in the wild, not in cages.

Do not buy products made of or containing tiger parts, such as tiger wine, tiger bone bracelets, tiger teeth, tiger skin, ...

Do not buy or use any other wild animal product (ivory, elephant skin, rhino horn, pangolin scale, etc).

If you want to make a DONATION, we can suggest donating to FOUR PAWS International (, who fully support our project and hosted the world premiere of The Tiger Mafia.

Also consider the Elephant Conservation Center (; we are working with them on a new documentary involving live elephants trafficking, and we have found them to be a reliable and effective sanctuary and NGO.

For more information, please contact us at

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