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Three tigers were found killed near a protected forest zone in Laos early this week, drawing renewed attention to the presence in the country of so-called tiger farms, where the animals are kept for sale i...


The Chinese were among the first foreigners to do trade with the island of Sumatra. Six hundred years ago, villages would have been but infinitesimal specks in an inconceivably vast and sublim...

January 9, 2018


Cats die in accidents on highways without safe passages

On New Year’s eve, a fast-moving vehicle on Maharashtra’s National Highway 6 killed Baji...

January 2, 2018

Tiger farms are still flourishing in Laos in spite of the fact the country vowed it would shut them down in 2016, according to reports. An estimated 700 tigers are kept in dreadful conditions in cages, only to be slaughtered so that their bones, meat, claws and skins c...

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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